Parent - child's Corner

Parent - child's Corner

To be a Happy Mom and Dad

"It is not easy to be parents" must be agreed by a lot of parents. In parenting, it is not uncommon for parents to feel tired or frustrated. Parenting is in fact a kind of learning by actions. Parents should handle their own pressure in order to guide their children to grow. To release their pressure and become happy mom and dad, parents can consider the following "small cues with big wisdom":

1. Try your best and let God do the rest
In parenting, parents should embrace the thought of "Try your best and let God do the rest". To accept own weaknesses and cherish every learning opportunity in the course is the best learning model for children.

2. Heart at ease, wisdom at disposal
Parents' emotions are directly affected by the words or actions of their children. In coping with the challenges in child-raising, parents are doomed to fail if they overreact, merely complain, or remain depressed. Parents should stay calm and sensible. Then, they will have the composure and wisdom to deal with the challenges.

3. One plus one equals two
If both parents do not share the same parenting methodology, they are like coming up with the formula of "plus one and minus one". The final result is always zero. In parenting, both parents should appreciate each other and share the same belief. Only by the formula of "one plus one equals two" can the parenting riddle be solved.

4. Let the children steer
When the children start to grow, parents should learn how to let go. To teach the children how to shoulder responsibilities and to maintain mutual respect. This can not only minimize the unnecessary parenting pressure, but also facilitate the growth of the children and the success of parenting.

5. Cheer for themselves
When parents find that they are under great pressure, they should treat themselves in a better way. To cheer for themselves and to appreciate what they have done for their children and family. Positive thinking can help a lot in difficult times. Parents can try to reserve some break time for themselves - to put aside work and do something they truly want to do. This can give them a fresh breath, a relaxing body and mind.

On the road to seeing children's growth, parents should adopt a positive mind in the face of difficulties. If they can keep their mind at ease and treat themselves well, parents will soon discover their own growth and development, or the genuine blessings in parenting.

Miss Kimmy Luk, Clinical Psychologist

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