Children's stories

Bring vibrant colors to the dreary lives

Children are pure as a piece of white paper. However, with sophisticated family background, some children are living in despair and helplessness.
Story of Fai

Fai lived with his father when his parents divorced. Unfortunately, Fai’s father became violent due to business failure. Once out of control, his father broke the mop while hitting Fai, who was hospitalized for nearly a month and was referred to the Home afterwards. The abusive father, however, had not stopped disturbing Fai even in the Small Group Home. Every time when his father showed up, the house-parent bravely kept Fai safe from abuse like a good broody hen. Under the counseling and loving care of the social worker and house parents, Fai learned to open his heart and re-build trust with people eventually. Interaction with other children also cheered Fai up from the horrendous past. “The Home gave us a good shelter… Although we all came with certain imperfections, what we experienced is so unique and memorable that nobody would have.” Trained with a sharp creative vision in University, Fai has become a director with his own production house, and helps develop promos for the Home this year. He is also tying the knot with his beloved to turn over a new leaf.

The story of Siu-wah

Siu-wah was abused by her step-mother and referred to the Home when she was at Primary 4.
In the small group home, Siu-wah witnessed the helplessness of the elder residents who got disappointing public examination result. She was determined to work hard for the public examination. The Home gave full support and encouragement to her and specially designed incentive program for her. In addition, the Home arranged an internship program for her which inspired her to strive for being an accounting professional. Finally, she got flying result and admitted by a local university. After graduation, she took up positions in the fields of accounting and finance in various listed companies. Today, she has a warm family of three members and is a sponsor and volunteer of the Home too.

Ka Ling’s Dream Came True

Lacking of adequate care, Ka Ling was admitted to the Home when she was seven.
Ka Ling was emotional and felt that everyone owed her all kind of things. She quarreled with other children daily, she did not follow rules in school, she gave huge temper and she took revenge towards her enemies.
The Home provided a caring environment for Ka Ling. The home mother accepted her bad behaviors, and tolerated her mistakes. She enjoyed singing and the Home gave her chances to sing and learn.
She left the Home when she was 13. She dreamed to be a singer. And now, she sings in the wedding banquets and community events. “It is really difficult to be a singer! However, if I persist and strive the very best to sing, I am sure I can shine on stage one day,” exclaimed Ka Ling.

Story of Sum

When Sum was 6 years old, his mother had a stroke and his father disappeared. Sum suffered from great stress and displayed serious emotional problems. He even vented his anger by chopping the door. He was then referred to live in St. Christopher’s Home.
Sum was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Dyslexia. After entering the Home, Sum’s emotion has become more stable. He learnt how to understand his mother. Their relationship significantly improved. “The people in the home cared about me here. They taught me how to calm down and think, make objective analyses, and to make self-reflection. In addition, I can participate in many extra-curricular activities.”
Encouraged by social workers and the houseparents, Sum joined the acrobatics class and develop a sense of self-confidence and satisfaction. After 8-year ceaseless learning, Sum is doing a part-time job as a clown now. “To be successful, you must keep on learning new skills. I hope I can set up a company to coordinate parties in the future.”
Today, he is determined to become a cheerful clown. He embraces a dream and works hard for it.

Story of Lung

Lung had been taken care of by St. Christopher’s Home since babyhood.
When Lung was young, he had no life goal. His work was careless. His temper was so fierce that he resorted to violence and foul language all the time. Houseparent Auntie Cui was his “natural enemy”. “I had countless experiences in being punished due to wrongdoing. Auntie Cui not only asked us to apologize, but also to explain and understand why we were wrong.”
Auntie Cui’s teaching was like a seed sown at his heart. And the seed started to bud when Lung entered secondary school. “I flew my temper the other day and I took the initiative to apologize to Auntie Cui few hours afterwards. I was also determined not to speak foul language at the Home and with Auntie Cui.” Lung had left the Home at the age of 18. He has kept this promise up to this date.
Lung did not obtain good result in the HKCEE examination. Inspired by Lung’s tall and stout body, Auntie Cui encouraged him to apply for different kinds of qualifications and equip himself with special skills. Lung then went to apply for the licenses of life guard and for driving small vehicles. He even completed the Project Yi-jin; finally, he succeeded in entering the Fire Services Department. Lung is a fireman now! Last year, he got married and built a warm and loved family of three.

Story of Sing

Sing is 18 years old this year. He is a Social Science freshman at a university.
Sing came from a broken family and was raised up solely by his mother. Not able to endure the pressure of life, his mother became chronically ill that she could not even take care of herself. As Sing was lacking in suitable care and parenting, he moved to live in St. Christopher’s Home when he was 13 years old.
After living in the Home, the Home’s parents and social workers cared for and looked after Sing all the time. Sing became relieved at heart and stopped giving up himself. More importantly, when life settled down, he came to know that “knowledge can change your destiny”. He spent most of his time studying and he finally got admitted into a university.
Last year Sing moved to the university’s hostel. As he lacked family support, he needed to earn his own living. St. Christopher’s Home then arranged an internship at “Good 4 Life”, a social enterprise housed at the Science Park, for him. He was taught with retail-related knowledge; and simultaneously, he got paid and was able to solve the financial hardships.
Today’s Sing is more mature, industrious and focused than his peers. He firmly believes that the angel will always show up and help him overcome the difficulties when he is in need. His dream is to become a social worker after graduation and become the angel of others and help those in plight.

Story of Ka Po

"I deeply appreciate St. Christopher’s Home for offering me an internship to work in a hotel. There I found my dream as a chef! "
Chan Ka Po, 25 years old, is now a chef in a five stars hotel. He had never seen his father and his mother was too sick to take care of him, so he was sent to St. Christopher’s Home at the age of 6. Ka Po used to be a boy without any goals. He was always late for school. Neither did he have a sense of responsibility, nor any life goal. Every day he just muddling along.
An internship program paved his way to become a chef!
"St. Christopher’s Home arranged me to work in the old Ritz-Carlton Hotel as an intern. There I found my interest in cooking. I wished to learn more about food, so I went to work as early as I can……"
After the internship, the dream of being a chef became a burning fire in Ka Po’s heart. Six years ago, he became a chef! Now he goes to work early every day to practice cooking. Being a chef is an arduous occupation with very long working hours and need to work very hard to upgrade the cooking skills. When facing harsh time, encouragement from the Home of St. Christopher’s Home backs Ka Po up to overcome difficulties.

Story of Peony

"Others still help you even though they may not know you, so we need to help the others if we have the ability to do so." This is what she teaches her children. Today, both her children and she have become St. Christopher's Home sponsors.
She is Peony, an ex-resident of the Home.
Peony, General Manager of a publishing company, has a successful career and a happy family, with two lovely children at the age of 10 and 7. Peony grew up in St. Christopher's Home. There she developed excellent communication skills and became courageous in face of adversity. She was grateful to the anonymous donors, who had helped her through the difficult childhood.
"I deeply appreciate St. Christopher's Home's help, so that my brothers and I could overcome the difficult childhood. I hope you can support the work of St. Christopher's Home" said Peony.

Story of Ka-shing

Ka-shing’s parents divorced when he was 5 years old. His father then requested a woman living next door to take care of him. His nightmare began.
The son of the woman kept on bullying Ka-shing. He forbade Ka-shing from doing homework; worse still, he hit Ka-shing. The abuses had persisted until Ka-shing was seven years old when the class teacher spotted his wounds and reported to the police. Ka-shing was then transferred to St. Christopher’s Home.
In the first few months, Ka-shing was timid, reluctant to learn and had low self-esteem. He gradually participated into his new life because of the incessant care and encouragement from the social worker and house-parents. The Home led Ka Shing to walk out of the darkness and overcome his horrid experiences. Ka-shing took a further leap to join the Boy Scouts and Civil Aid Service to learn to take on challenges and became persistent. He made a resolution to become a policeman. Subsequently, he applied for the position five times in eight months. He tried again and again after failures. He finally succeeded and is a policeman now. He is also the sponsor of the Home.

Little Sum's story

Little Sum is 8-year-old. Two years ago, his mother was paralyzed because of a stroke and his father left home without a word. The radical changes smashed Sum’s little heart. One day, he lost control and snatched a chopper from the kitchen...
After Little Sum was sent to the Home, he learnt to control himself and be understanding. He now seizes every learning opportunity and promises to take care of his mother when he grows up.

Ah Kwan's story

When Ah Kwan was six, her mother suffered from emotional problems. Lacking of proper guidance, Ah Kwan became rebellious and trusted in nobody. She vented her negative emotion by ramming her small head against a wall or prostrating herself on the floor for hours.
With houseparent’s care and encouragement, Ah Kwan’s gloomy heart found serenity. Gradually, she opened herself and developed her interests in basketball playing and rock climbing. She now concentrates on her studies and wishes to take care of mother in the future.

Tze-yan's story

Fear and anxiety were with Tze-yan in her childhood. She witnessed her single mother took drug and behaved irrationally from day to night. Her dyslexia brought her poor academic result and also a label of being an “idiot”. The unbearable stress triggered her deviated behavior and turbulent emotion.
Love and warmth put smile on Tze-yan’s face! Receiving utmost attention and care from her foster parents and social worker, Tze-yan was revitalized with a sense of security in her new home. Recently, she got the 8th place in the school exam and was appointed to be the school prefect and class monitor.