About the Campaign
Love Junior Campaign

All parents wish their children to have a happy and wonderful life. But happiness is not something to be taken for granted. Due to neglect or abuse, many children are experiencing a dark and dull life. They need love, care and help from others to add colors to their lives.

Love Junior Campaign combines the essence of moral education and fund raising. To inculcate the children with the notion that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”, to cultivate a kind and thankful heart and to turn participated children into the little angels for others, the Campaign, supported and donated by children, will help the needy children in our society. We will also invite the families of the Love Juniors to participate in the “Love in Action” volunteer activities to share love with the people in need.

How to become a Love Junior

  • Children aged 0-15
  • Encourage children to donate at least HK$2 a day, i.e., HK$730 or above each year for the Campaign.

Fund Uses

  • Support needy children from broken or low-income families.
  • Improve the living standards and individual care for children in Small Group Homes.
  • Support the non-subvented services of the Home.
  • Educate the new generation to participate in “Love in Action” volunteer services.

A Love junior can…

Love in Action

Join “Love Junior Campaign” and become the Love Junior who gives blessings to others!

“Love in Action” volunteer activities include:

  • visiting the underprivileged groups
  • participating in the Love Chocolate Charity Sale
  • volunteering at the promotion counter of the Lok-lok and Yiu-yiu Sponsorship Scheme

A more positive parent-child relationship can be fostered and loving heart can be cultivated among the Love Junior at a young age. We sincerely invite you to join and support us!

Actions speak louder than words
Sharing from a Love Junior family

Fate brings Peggy and the Home together! Peggy has supported the “Love Junior Campaign” since 2015. She joined its volunteer service with Howard, her two year-old son, hoping that he could better understand that helping others is the source of happiness. Not long afterwards, Peggy realized that she used to be a beneficiary of the Home’s services and now she and Howard have become the donors. From receiving assistance to offering help, it is as if God has had a plan! They hope that more people support the “Love Junior Campaign” and more needy children can be benefited.

Howard drew a picture “color life” for our children.