Other support

The extreme disparity between the rich and the poor, rapid-surging inflation and many other social problems make Hong Kong more and more volatile. The unstable social environment brings complicated family problems and crises. Substantial support and care are vital to orphans and children from broken families experiencing emotional and behavioral problems.
Whether you are individual, family, group, private or non-profit making organization, you may consider supporting the Home in the following ways:

1. Policy Donation Program

Policyholders can consider donating a certain percentage of the sum insured to the Home (e.g. 90% to family member and 10% to the Home). Policy donation will not affect the quality of life of policyholder. The leverage effect gives stable donation to charity organization, which is beneficial to the society.

For details, please contact our staff at 3756 4488. You can also contact your insurance agency or visit www.lifecare.org.hk .

2. Bequest donation

You may invite the Home as the beneficiary of the bequest donation. You may consider to donate all or part of your bequest, property or other assets such as stock and bonds, etc.

3. Other supports

Individuals and organizations organized events to spread the message of love and raised fund for children. Here are the examples:

  • Establish “Birthday Happy Fund” – encourage friends and relative to make donation rather than gifting (4-year-old Chan Suet Ching and artist Miss Linda Chung, etc.);
  • Red packet donation campaign – encourage student to share (S.K.H. Mung Yan Primary School);
  • Donation box – promote the idea of donation (Liu Po Shan Memorial College Community Youth Club);
  • Charity Sales – raise fund by selling candy and gift (HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School and SKH St. Simon's Lui Ming Choi Secondary School);
  • Support Chocolate Charity Sales – donate chocolate with gift card to children (The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong Faith Love Lutheran Church).

We welcome creative activities for our children! For any enquiry, please contact our staff at 3756 4488 or email to develop@skhsch.org.hk .