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Love Junior Campaign

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“Love Junior Campaign” combines the essence of moral education and fundraising. The Campaign encourages donors to donate in the name of their children to support the needy children in the community. The Campaign inculcates the Love Juniors with the notion that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. We will also invite the families of the Love Juniors to participate in the “Love in Action” volunteer activities to share love with the people in need.


How to become a Love Junior

  • Children aged 0-12
  • Encourage children to donate at least $2 a day, i.e., $730 or above each year for the Campaign.


Use of Fund

  • Support needy children from broken or low-income families.
  • Support the non-subvented services of St. Christopher’s Home.


A Love Junior can…

  • Join our “Love in Action” volunteer activities and receive a "Certificate of Appreciation" as a token of encouragement (on a yearly basis)


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